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Paradox 4G Communicator Module with Backup Battery

  • $405.00


The Paradox PCS265 4G data-only (no voice) communicator now enables Paradox alarm panels to send messages to a Base Station Control Room without the need for a PSTN telephone line. The PCS265 delivers communication via GSM to any Base Station that receives Contact ID or via GPRS to Paradox IP Base Station receivers.

The PCS265 module is simple to install via a four-wire serial connection up to 2m from the alarm panel but can be extended to 300m via the CVT485 module. This applies to GSM Contact ID reporting only, not to GPRS IP reporting. The PCS265 also incorporates a 3.7V Li-Ion backup battery that will provide 1-hour online communication on the cellular network.


  • GPRS reporting to the IPR512 Monitoring Receiver or to the IPRS-7 PC Receiver Software
  • GSM reporting to any Base Station Receiver via Contact ID
  • SMS text messages for up to 8 mobile phones
  • Supports two SIM cards for provider redundancy
  • End-user arm / disarm functions by sending a text message (SMS)
  • Simple 4-wire installation
  • Optional 2, 7 or 18 metre extension antenna
  • Dual tamper switch (wall and cover removal)
  • Upload/download and upgrade with BabyWare via a GPRS connection
  • Encrypted communication (128-bit AES)
  • Back up battery included
  • CVT485 module Included (allows remote installation up to 300m for GSM only)
  • VDMP3 not supported

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