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Paradox 16m Microwave + Dual Mironel Optics Detector with Pet Immunity & Anti-Masking

  • $128.00


The NV75MW is an indoor industry-leading dual technology detector providing superior 16 metre detection with rock solid stability thanks to the revolutionary dual Mironel Mirror/Fresnel PIR optics. Combined with Paradox's true Pet Immunity and best-in-the industry active Anti-Mask technology (EN Grade 3). The NV75MW provides an unmatched high security solution for any indoor installation.


  • 16m Dual Mironel dual technology detector
  • 12m See True range
  • Active anti-mask IR detection
  • Pet immunity
  • Dual/single edge operation
  • Mechanical activation creep zone
  • Dual tamper (cover and wall)
  • Wall or corner mount
  • Optional bracket

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